To reach this article, you probably are familiar with our services which you provide to students on affordable price. How can we offer student housing on such good price?

We are a private company and we don’t receive govern funding. Usually the government subside only the state dormitories – which are very hard to reach and are in a bad conditions. And if you suddenly find an extremely affordable offer in the net, you start to ask yourself : “Where is the catch?”.

The reasons why we can offer you a prices starting from 6.00 BGN per day, including all utility expenses are:

  • The building was build on our own land.
  • The furniture was purchased wholesale.
  • The acclimatization of the whole building came from a chiller system – a new technology, cooling and heating the building.
  • The food is made by us – which means you don’t have to pay the value added of subcontractors or suppliers.

One the reasons not to have private dorms in Bulgaria is because the government refuses to fund such activities. Which actually pay a positive role – because it motivates private sector to offer quality service at a low price – something hardly have done if funding from the state was secured.