If you are a part-time student at one of the universities of Plovdiv, but you live outside the city, one of the biggest problems that you will face is the ability to find accommodations at an affordable price.

Few tenants will agree to offer a flat or a room to rent for a short period of time – and if they agree, the price will probably be too high. The problem is that they always prefer to give their apartment permanently – to ensure secure long-term income.

Furthermore, there is no way to qualify a state dormitory if you are a part-time student – the shortage of places in state dormitories for students is notorious – as poor living conditions as well.

Private student housing Alex offers to part-time students in the city of Plovdiv to reduce the costs for rent during the lectures with our affordable short-term rentals. The price includes all utility expenses – electricity, heating and internet.

With our offer you will be able to enjoy to live in a new and a modern apartments on affordable price and above of it you will not have to deal with landlords and all inconveniences related with it.

Please visit the section with our prices and choose the best suitable offer for you.