Dear parents,

At Private student housing Alex your children will feel like home. The rooms combine comfort and space of a hotel, they are spacious, modern, fully furnished. Our main priority is to ensure that your son or daughter will feel comfortable and mostly safe.

We can provide permanent environment for your children during their studies, as previously controlling their costs, which you can predict for the whole period of study. It is important to make a financial plan. To help you, we can predict monthly expenses for housing, food and supplies, depending on your choice of room and menu.

Living in our building, you will not have to worry about hidden / extra / costs, as the price of rooms are included all utilities / electricity, heating, cooling, hot and cold water, internet /. Additionally you can order food at very affordable prices.



If the students or their parents decide to buy an apartment in our building after certain period of living in our facility, we will deduct the amount of already paid rents from the selling price. We only will keep the utility costs during the period in which they were in the dormitory until time of purchase. We can also assist in the allocation of credit.

Students who live in the building can buy an apartment during their period of studding, will receive an offer to pay the selling price on deferred payments for the whole period of their studying.

That’s how the studying of your children can become long-term investment. After buying an apartment, we can offer the possibility of managing the property and rental contract management.

Get more details on Real Estate “Alex 2003″ Ltd.



Next to the Private student housing we have fast food restaurant. We serve freshly prepared pancakes, sandwiches and varied grill.

Considering that the student lessons are almost all the day, they have the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria of the university.

For those who want we can offer the following feeding options at preferential prices.

- Breakfast

- Breakfast and dinner

- Dinner

Everything else is on free consumation.